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You are allowed to like both One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer.

You are allowed to like only One Direction.
You are allowed to like only 5 Seconds Of Summer.

What you are not allowed to do is be a massive disrespectful asshole to someone for having different preferences/tastes in music than you.

I’m not going to do anything.


mazume or togyuka

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Card Captor Sakura + Characters

ookami no kodomo ame to yuki~

Yukiatsu Matsuyuki AtsumuAno Hana Movie

I want to attend my own funeral.


I know it sounds weird and creepy but it’s the truth. I won’t try to scare anyone. I just want to see who will be there, who will cry and who will regret a lot of things. I wonder if the people I care about care about me too because most of them don’t show it while I am still alive so I need to know what will happen. I also wonder how would some people react to it… Like would they wish that my life could be anymore longer? I don’t know. I just wanted to know.


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